Olympian F-1781

7-Person Swim Spa with 50 Jets + 3-Person Hot Tub with 31 Jets

Features: Eliminator High Performance™ Pump, WhisperHot™ Titanium Heater, Multi Colored LED, Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone & UV Sanitizing System
Dimensions: 93" x 200" x 51"

Get best of both worlds with a dual swim spa and hot tub. Control dual temperature at 70 degrees for the swim spa and 102 degrees for the hot tub. Step into the swim spa for an intense expert level of fitness swimming, your limit is your endurance, set the Jet System IV to the resistance you need. Our Jetstream Stabilization System will keep swimmers in place against the current. Enjoy getting fit while spending time with loved ones.

Seating:  x 10
(swim spa)
(hot tub)

Jets: x 81

Seat Type:

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